Steel Testing Services

  • Tests for:
    • bending, bend-over;
    • hydraulic pressure;
    • Brinell hardness;
    • Rockwell hardness;
    • temporary tear resistance;
    • the strength of the weld;
    • yield strength;
    • elongation, narrowing;
    • impact strength;
    • flattening, distribution.


  • Channel bars, I-beams, corners, profiled (ribbed) sheets
  • Rental
  • Pipes
  • Heating radiators from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, bimetallic radiators
  • Industrial pipe fittings.
  • Plumbing products, bench fitting tools
  • Fasteners, racks, service racks
  • Products from aluminum alloys, PVC profiles
  • Woodworking and metalworking machines.
  • Agricultural machines
  • Diesel generators.
  • Drilling equipment, oil and gas processing, for the processing of polymeric materials, pumping, cryogenic, compressor (refrigerators), oilfield, drilling and exploration
  • Technological equipment and apparatus for applying coatings
  • Equipment for liquid ammonia.
  • Equipment for the preparation and purification of drinking water.
  • Industrial fans and industrial air conditioners, air heaters and air coolers.
  • Technological equipment for industry
  • Printing equipment.
  • Heating boilers operating on liquid and solid fuels
  • Water-heating and heating devices, operating on liquid and solid fuels.


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