The construction laboratory of the Testing Center Caspian Certification Center LLP (TC PhMPBM “PTsS” LLP) is a testing laboratory of physical and mechanical properties and building materials, which performs a set of works aimed at determining the quality of various building materials and finished structures, and their suitability for operation.

The laboratory of physical and mechanical properties of building materials provides testing services:

  • soil;
  • crushed stone and gravel from dense rocks, sand for construction work, cement, concrete mixtures, mortar;
  • wall materials (concrete stones, rock stones, silicate and ceramic bricks, ceramic tiles, plasterboard sheets);
  • structures and details of foundations, frame of buildings and structures, walls and partitions, plates, panels and flooring coverings.

Tests of road-building materials for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 014/2011 “Road safety”:

  • testing of crushed stone and gravel from rocks, natural sand, cement;
  • test of road reinforced concrete slabs, natural and artificial onboard stones.


* According to the results of the tests, a laboratory test report is issued that applies only to the test objects. All tests are carried out in accordance with the current regulatory documentation.

** For a full list of services, please contact us.



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