About company

Caspian Certification Center LLP founded in 2005; today is one of the five largest companies in the provision services for the examination of the country of origin of goods, testing and confirmation of products and management systems. On August 16, 2005, was accredited the Body of Conformity of Products and Services (Aktau, Almaty); the Body of conformity of quality management systems; Testing Center (electrical and vehicle laboratories). September 5, 2005 – was issue the first certificate of conformity. November 21, 2005 – accredited a testing laboratory of hazard production. On May 19, 2006, started operation of test laboratory for radiation monitoring. Later, opened and accredited chemical testing laboratory, laboratory of physical and mechanical properties and building materials and others.

Today, the Caspian Certification Center LLP successfully takes a leading position in the provision service in the technical regulation and has a solid reputation for activities in the Mangistau, Atyrau and Almaty regions. The head office is located in the Aktau city and has an accredited body to the conformity of products, management systems and testing center. There is a branch in Almaty accredited for certification and testing of products and a branch in Atyrau.

The Caspian Certification Center LLP mission is satisfy the expectations of consumers through an individual approach and establishing trust relationships with customers. In providing high quality services, the company has defined a policy for the acquisition of high-tech equipment, measuring instruments, instruments, and staff training.

The Caspian Certification Center LLP employees regularly training and complete education according to new standards and requirements, participate in seminars, round tables, discussions organized by state and non-state organizations. Our young and highly qualified team employs consist more than 100 specialists of different specializations; qualifications and experience are verified, confirmed and sufficient to perform all the declared types of services.

“Caspian Certification Center” LLP offers you the following types of services

Conformity assessment

  • Certification of electrical and cable products
  • Certification of electronic products
  • Certification of metallurgical products
  • Certification of building materials and structures
  • Fuel certification
  • Certification of oil products
  • Vehicle certification
  • Certification of engineering products
  • Certification of pressure vessels
  • Certification of personal protective equipment
  • Certification of light industry products and products for children and adolescents

Determination of the country of origin of goods

Testing services

  • Testing of electrical and cable products
  • Testing electronic products
  • Testing of metallurgical products
  • Testing of building materials and structures
  • Testing of fuel feed
  • Testing of oil products
  • Vehicle tests
  • Testing engineering products
  • Testing of vessels operating under pressure
  • Tests for personal protective equipment
  • Testing of light industry products and products for children and adolescents
  • Radiation control, dosimetry
  • Testing of welded joints, flaw detection, non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics, ultrasonic testing of the industrial sector, magnetic powder, X-ray inspection, inspection of penetrating substances, visual-measuring inspection

Confirmation of compliance of Management Systems

  • ISO 9001 “Quality Management Systems”
  • OHSAS 18001 “Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems”
  • ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System”

Certification of jobs and production facilities in terms of labor

The following laboratories are part of the Test Center:

  • Electrical Testing Laboratory;
  • Testing laboratory of vehicles;
  • Chemical testing laboratory;
  • Testing laboratory of physical and mechanical properties and building materials;
  • Testing laboratory of industrial safety and engineering facilities;
  • Radiological testing laboratory;

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